Off-grid applications

Today’s growing trend for building homes in remote forests, plains or countryside presents significant challenges for not just its energy demands but particularly for its supply of clean, pure and drinkable water.

This is where AQR can really help. Connected to water from bore holes, rivers, streams or lakes, AQR Safe Water® will treat the water available down to a remarkable 14% transparency (Pure water is 95% and most UV treatment solutions need 80% plus).

The economics really stack up as the AQR Safe Water® unit is small and able to be located using a small van, truck or trailer. It is incredibly energy efficient using less energy than is needed to power a light bulb so its Net Zero credentials are ‘best in class’. This also allows it to be powered using alternative energy sources like wind and sunlight.

AQR’s recent tests in the Highlands with Scottish Water have shown how water with low visibility and high peat content can be cleaned and purified.

CEO, Peter Kukla said, “The quality of the water AQR Safe Water® discharges is of a very high standard so the water can be allowed into the environment safely or piped into someone’s home for drinking.”

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Posted on

30 September 2021