Industrial Applications

Many industrial processes generate water with contaminants which are tightly regulated for their release back into the water systems or environment. Falling foul of these regulations can be costly.

Under The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010 and Water Resources Act 1991 there are heavy fines and even prison sentences for offences and a lot of red tape to wade through.

Before now, it has been a fine balance between an organisation’s bottom line profits and the cost of a solution for adequate or exceptional water treatment. 

This is where AQR can really help. Connected to discharge water, AQR Safe Water® will treat water down to a remarkable 14% transparency* cost effectively with only a small power requirement.

The economics really stack up as the AQR Safe Water® unit is incredibly energy efficient using less energy than is needed to power a light bulb, its Net Zero credentials are ‘best in class’. It can also be powered using alternative energy sources like wind and sunlight and has a small footprint, easily installed in the tightest places close to water discharge points.

CEO, Peter Kukla said, “The quality of the water AQR Safe Water® discharges is of a very high standard so the water can be allowed into the environment safely.”

*Pure water is 95% and most UV treatment solutions need 80% plus.

Further information is available on flow throughputs and other factors from here. Talk to us about your particular requirements.


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Posted on

30 September 2021