AQR Safe Water ®

Water treatment nothing else can achieve!

For the first time, water of the poorest quality can be sustainably treated and disinfected without the need for expensive pre-treatment and with no added chemicals.

Whether treating raw surface water to potable standards or process water to meet discharge consents, the AQR Safe Water® treatment system can remove harmful bacteria and contaminants to regulatory standards.

AQR technologists have harnessed the natural properties of the Hydroxyl radical to develop AQR Safe Water® – a unique, treatment system for the poorest water quality, with efficacy demonstrated down to 12% UV Transmittance (UVT).

If your private water supply is highly coloured, or you need to meet very challenging discharge requirements, AQR Safe Water® can treat where no existing processes can

: Unique
: Uses no added chemicals
: Low power requirement
: Effective below 12% UVT

Production of Hydroxyl radicals validated by the UK National Measurement  Laboratory

Proven on peaty Scottish Highlands raw surface water

Taking on the tough water disinfection challenges


AQR SAFEWATER ® treats water of the poorest quality – it will treat and disinfect water eliminating the need for expensive, complex pre-treatment and UV disinfection.

AQR SAFEWATER® is highly effective for use on raw surface water supplies high in organic content. By balancing water chemistry and physics, the efficacy of advanced oxidation is enhanced through a mutually-beneficial mechanism that is set up with specialised membrane systems.

Operating at low water pressures and with no waste, AQR SAFEWATER® treats highly coloured and organic rich raw surface waters to potable standard. Traditionally, treatment to this standard is dependent upon expensive reverse osmosis and filtration before disinfection. AQR SAFEWATER® systems remove multiple stage treatment products and offers a single elegant system.

The AQR SAFEWATER ® system delivers drinking water without the need for added chemicals, using very low power. This makes it ideal for rural, remote or off-grid households, communities and industrial sites.

What is AQR Safe Water®?

It utilises Nature’s most powerful cleaning agent, the Hydroxyl radical, which has both colour removal and pathogen inactivation properties.

AQR’s engineers have developed a balanced system bringing together water chemistry and physics to deliver a truly new approach to water treatment. Specialised filtration and advanced oxidation mechanisms work together so that each process optimises the performance of the otherand deliver high quality potable water from highly coloured raw surface waters.

Better than existing treatment processes

The elegant AQR SAFEWATER® system combines a novel hydroxyl radical delivery module, a low pressure adaptation of a specialised membrane and a filter system to deliver a highly effective treatment in a batch process. Advantages include:

  • Operation below 12 % UVT
  • Small scale, modular
  • No added chemicals or feed gas
  • Requires less power per module than a standard light bulb
  • Can be powered using renewable energy

What Can AQR Safe Water ®Achieve?

Target BacteriaChemical Parameters
Water SampleColiformsE.colipHTurbidityColourIronManganeseUV Transmittance
(cfu/100ml)(cfu/100ml)NTUmg/ I Pt/Coug/ Iug/ I%
Surface Raw Water383varies0.546300353.5
Treated using AQR SafeWater007<0.3<339<2>97
Required Regulatory Standard00bet 6.5 & 9.5<1<1010050>95

(Analysis carried out by Scottish Water’s laboratory, Inverness)

Pre and post treatment water samples

What Can It Do For You?

AQR Safe Water® is ideal for treating and disinfecting private water supplies that other processes cannot achieve:

  • Domestic
  • Small Community
  • Surface Water/ Rain water storage
  • Industrial

Better Than Existing Disinfection Processes

The AQR Safe Water® module generates Hydroxyl radicals and delivers them into the water in a batch process. Advantages include:

  • Operation below 12 % UVT
  • Small scale, modular
  • No added chemicals or feed gas
  • Requires less power than a standard light bulb
  • Can be powered using renewable energy
  • No harmful waste by products
  • Low maintenance and few replacement parts


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